Edinburgh Festival Fringe Insurance - Step 1

We guarantee to beat any like for like quote.

Policies may also be purchased online, by telephone on 01686 626019 or contact us at performingarts@reesastley.co.uk.


Welcome to Insurance for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with Rees Astley,
this is a special, low cost facility designed in consultation with the Edinburgh
Fringe Society for individuals or groups (working together) who visit the festival.

How to Buy Online:

Please read the information below, answer the General Questions and continue to step 2 which will provide you with the price on your selected insurance. The price will be based on the information you submit and insurance products from Aviva Insurance Limited only. If you are happy with the quoted price then please proceed to the checkout and on payment completion you will be emailed confirmation. Full policy documents will be sent electronically from our office within 2 working days.

We provide three types of cover:

Please note:
We do not provide advice online, for advice please contact 01686 626019.
You can not purchase Employers Liability or All Risk insurance without Public Liability insurance.
An administration fee of £10 will be incurred on all policies and will be added at the checkout.
This is a commercial contract which does not provide a cooling-off period and the insurers do not provide any return of premium if a policy is cancelled.

Key Benefits

  • Easy to arrange, you may purchase a policy on this website.
  • List of acceptable activities and professions provided on site. If you cannot see your activity listed give us a call, as cover may still be available.
  • Premiums start from as little as £70 for Public and Products Liability and £140 for Employers Liability and policy operates for the month of August to cover the Festival Fringe or 12 months from the date you effect cover.
  • Damage to equipment cover available worldwide for UK residents.
  • Employers Liability cover available up to £10m limit.
  • Public Liability cover provided worldwide for UK residents (excluding working inside the USA or Canada) .
  • Cover available for foreign nationals temporarily working in the UK.
  • Public and Products Liability covers £5m including or excluding the use of heat. (Heat warranty will apply)
For a full list of cover details please click... (here)

Who We Cover

We CAN cover activities in the following categories;
  • Theatre / Comedy / Cabaret / Children’s shows
  • Music / Opera
  • Dance / Physical
  • Circus Skills activities
  • Street Performers

We CAN NOT cover activities in the following categories;
  • Knife throwing or similar objects at humans and animals
  • Acts involving large Pyrotechnics displays, i.e Firework displays
  • Acts involing Hypnotists, Bar Games, Human Fly

We MAY cover activities in the following categories, please call 01686 626019 for a quotation;
  • Events / Exhibitions / Venues
  • Acts involving small Pyrotechnics displays
  • Acts involving manual labour (what is manual labour?)

General Questions

Will I Require Employers Liability ?

You will require Employers Liability if someone works under your instruction and you have a right to control where and when they work. You supply the work materials/equipment. An employee can be paid or work on a voluntary basis. Company directors of a Limited Company are also defined as employees of the company.

If your activities include any of the following then please click on the 'Read' link and confirm your acceptance of any endorsements or warranties below.
 Please indicate that you have read, understand and accept any relevant endorsements / warranties



Any manual labour outside the normal 'turnaround', 'get-in' or 'bump-in' process of changing stage props etc.

Work involving the erection of show tents, marquees, staging, lighting, seating etc is considered manual labour..

If in any doubt please contact our office on 01686 626019.

The use of heat is defined as any naked flames or sparks used within a performance.

Performances involving the use of non naked flame items such as toasters, glue guns, soldering irons, hairdryers, curling tongs etc are not deemed as heat work.

If in any doubt please contact our office on 01686 626019.

1. This policy excludes liability occurring as a result of a member of the insured band practising or performing as a solo artist, with bands or with musicians other than the insured band.

2. The indemnity provided under this policy extends to include temporary increases in the number of people in groups, bands and orchestras. For the purposes of this policy temporary increases are defined as up to 20% of the declared number of people for a maximum of 10 days in total in any one period of insurance. Any increase in numbers beyond this must be notified to the company and any additional premium paid.

Section 3 Public Liability exclusion 12 Heat away from insured's own premises is herby replaced by the following Heat Warranty:

Where heat work is declared by the Insured as an activity and permitted, as shown on the schedule, the insured must ensure that the following precautions are complied with on every occasion, where the application of or use of heat un involved

(i) Before the performance commences:

a) If the activity is undertaken within the confines of a building the Insured and any Employees on each site must make themselves aware of the location of the sites fire alarm and fire fighting appliances.
b) The Insured shall in so far as is practicable examine all Property in the vicinity to ensure that no combustible material is in danger of ignition either directly or by conducted heat.
c) An exclusion area of at least 2 metres from the display must be clearly designated to ensure that members of the public can see the area where the display is to take place.

(ii) During the Performance:

a) Care must be taken to ensure that any member of the public do not enter into the display area.
b) If the gathered audience do encroach then the use of heat should cease immediately and not recommence until the exclusion area is clear and the insured has assessed whether a wider area should be defined.
c) Suitable fire extinguishing appliances must be available on the scene.

(iii) After the performances ceases:

a) Upon the completion of the work or performance and before leaving the site the Insured or Employee of the Insured shall undertake a thorough examination of the immediate vicinity of the work i.e. within a radius of 5 metres.

It is noted that no indemnity is afforded by section 3 of this Policy arising from knife or similar object being thrown at humans or animals.

Public Libility:

Legal liability for damages and costs in respect of accidental injury to persons, accidental damage to property or accidental nuisance occurring in connection with the business of the insured and associated legal costs.

Products Libility:

Legal liability for damages and claimants' costs and expenses in respect of accidental injury or accidental damage to property caused by any product and associated legal costs.

Legal liability for damages and claimants' costs in respect of any person employed arising out of and in the course of their employment, as well as legal costs incurred with the written consent of Aviva Insurance Limited.

Physical loss, destruction or damage to equipment, and trade materials.